How did drought affect wheat proteome?

Recent article from Danchenko Lab, published in Frontiers in Plant Science (doi:
), focused on drought, which severely limits wheat production.
This collaborative research of Slovak and Ukrainian Scientists used a combination of
physiological and biochemical methods. Leading author—Olha Lakhneko—showed that a
tolerant cultivar apparently dissipated excessive light energy by photorespiration,
maintained photosynthesis, effectively induced protective enzymes, and had a more stable
gluten composition in stress conditions. Of note, water deficit caused the accumulation of
immunoreactive proteins in a sensitive cultivar. Moreover, the research team proposed
potential biomarkers for breeding efficient wheat breeding.

Text and photo: Maksym Danchenko a Olha Lakhneko

Reference: Lakhneko, O., Stasik, O., Škultéty, Ľ., Kiriziy, D., Sokolovska-Sergiienko, O.,
Kovalenko, M. et al. 2023 Transient drought during flowering modifies the grain proteome of
bread winter wheat. Frontiers in Plant Science, 14.