“GenNext Monday Update” talk by Olha Lakhneko

“Monday Update” is a platform for PhD Students and early-stage Postdoctoral Fellows to present their findings, results, and ideas within the scientific community of RECROP COST Action CA22157 (cost.eu/actions/CA22157). Postdoctoral Fellow from Danchenko lab—Olha Lakhneko—is a Core Group member of RECROP (Young Researcher and Innovator Engagement Coordinator). Earlier this week, at the inaugural “Monday Update” webinar, we proudly experienced her inspiring talk about how transient drought at flowering modified wheat grain proteome. As many as 73 colleagues from Europe and associated countries enjoyed her performance, followed by a fruitful discussion. Olha is grateful to Action Chair, Sotirios Fragkostefanakis, for the opportunity to share her research and to the community for valuable feedback. Intense follow-up discussions envisioning future collaboration are ongoing!

Text and photo: Olha Lakhneko